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why one little thing isn't working right???
« le: 11 août 2018, 11:05:27 »

I am facing the possibility of becoming the full-time debugger here at my office. The other programmers are "too busy" developing all these buggy programs to stop, go back, and fix their old bugs, so the job has been passed to me.

Personally, I hate debugging even my own code. To try and go into someone else's stuff, written with absolutely no coding standards whatsoever, and find why one little thing isn't working right seems to be a new layer of hell.

In college I seem to remember my teacher telling us that it is much more time efficient for programmers to debug their own code. And while this makes logical sense to me, I have been trying to find this documented somewhere online and failed. See, I want to present this as a time-saving suggestion to the boss, to make everyone debug their own code, but I need reasons why.

Please help.

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Thank you.