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The truth about software engineering as a career?
« le: 10 août 2018, 13:19:50 »

I read conflicting information nearly every week about the realities of a career as a software developer. The bls indicates that this career should experience high growth, but then I read other reports that say that this will just cause more offshoring and h1b influx. I can't get a good read on this issue - maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? It also doesn't help that I'm not in the US . I don't want to make snap decisions, so I turn to the ars forum, who must have seen every side to this issue due to working in it and seeing it on a daily basis.
Is software engineering a good career to go into (employment prospects/salary/barrier to entry etc)? Will a good developer always be able to find work? I could say more on this, but I feel like you must all know of the news reports that mention these issues, so I will turn the floor over to you.

Any help will be apprecited.

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