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How to report a bug


Before posting make sure to read the support page on the official website.
To report a bug or a problem with your install please follow the following steps to let us help you fast.

* Simple and explicit title
* MushRaider Version
* Your host and server config (PHP version, Apache (or your http server), MySQL)
* Detailed description of the problem and how to reproduce it
* What you already tried
* Error logs

How to get error logs :

* Make sure to have write permissions on /app/Config, /app/tmp and /app/webroot/files
* Connect to MushRaider
* Activate debug mod (cf bottom of the support page)
* Delete the files found in folders under /app/tmp/cache/models/
* Delete the file /app/tmp/logs/error.log
* Repeat operation that give you error
* Open the file /app/tmp/logs/error.log and here are the error logs.
If you get errors on the webpage too, please give them also.


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