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Suggestion to support World of Tanks
« le: 28 juil. 2015, 16:12:30 »
World of Tanks is a tier based (1-10) Tank Game. It features several different battle modes such as Random Battles (15 vs. 15), Stronghold (Clan vs. Clan @ several different tier levels) and Clan Wars (World Domination one battle at a time  ;D ).
I have been looking for a “Raid Calendar” to schedule our Trainings, Strongholds, ESL and other Battles in world of tanks. One function of particular interest to me is the “join event” function. This makes it easier for us to see if we can cancel and event or if we can participate in cups.
This Raid Calendar was programmed for other MMORPGs (that I have no clue of) but it features different classes, characters etc.
I was wondering if Stephane would be interested in adding World of Tanks support to this calendar. I have several things in mind, some of them are not strictly necessary.
The Game drop-down box is simple, World of Tanks.
Dungeons, I have no idea what that is, but from what I can see that might be compatible with the different game modes. For instance, Stronghold battles can be fought at different tier levels, Tier 6, Tier 8 and Tier 10. An Administrator could do that himself.
Now the next thing is where it gets a bit tricky and I am not sure how easy that is to implement. You do seem to have classes, so does World of Tanks. We have Heavy Tanks (HT), Tank Destroyers (TD), Medium Tanks (MT), Light Tanks (LT) and Artillery (SPG). However, it is not strictly necessary to differentiate between them. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to classify “characters” into one of these classes. But we do not always need a mix between them, so they don’t have to be a sign-up criteria.
The characters (user defined I believe) is where it gets really interesting. I have been trying to trigger people to program a Tank Database for me (I suck at programming) so that Commanders have an overview of what Tanks their players have. So for characters it would be nice to have individual tanks (that can be assigned to classes but more importantly to tiers). Whenever somebody says “I have this tank, the first question that comes up is, What are your skills/perks and modules. This could maybe be in cooperated in the characters section and a commander could have an overview of them. The tanks could be added (as base or stock template) by an administrator (I could provide a list as well) and then each tank “character” could have properties assigned to them.
For instance,
A Cromwell B is a medium Tier 6 Tank. Therefore this tank would be used in a Tier 6 Stronghold battle. This tank has the following properties: (Max 3 Properties)
Tank Name: Cromwell B (4 Crew Members)
Module 1: Gun Rammer
Module 2: Improved Ventilation
Module 3: Coated Optics
The crew on the Tank has the following skills (Max 5)
Commander: Skill 1, Skill 2
Driver: Skill 1, Skill2, Skill 3
Gunner: Skill 1
Radio Guy: Skill 1 – 5.
For Crew it might be enough to indicate “Six Sense yes/no” as that is the most important skill at first. This would keep it simple as different Tanks have different amount of crews and sometimes each crew member as differing amounts of skills.
Tanks change with version updates of the game (sometimes some are added, others may be removed) but an Administrator could possibly load a list of tanks in CSV format? The same thing for modules, while I’d be happy for both to provide a complete list.
The user could then pick tanks and assign modules and skills to their tanks as characters. They could then join an event.
I have just been writing this down, so I hope I am making a bit of sense  :)
If this is too much, suggestions are welcome to make it simpler yet useful  ;)
Also depending on the amount of work it would be (never done it) I could offer a German translation of your calendar in return  8)
Let me know what you think just don’t kill me for it  ;)