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Développeurs / Developers / Re : [Bridge][SMF][wip]
« le: 08 mars 2017, 14:18:59 »
Work in progress


PHP Deprecated:  Function mcrypt_get_iv_size() is deprecated
PHP Deprecated:  Function mcrypt_create_iv() is deprecated
PHP Deprecated:  Function mcrypt_decrypt() is deprecated

These commands will be mostly removed in the next PHP 7.2 update, if i have no time to update the class, someone only need to modify the decryptMush() function.

Développeurs / Developers / [Bridge][SMF][wip]
« le: 07 mars 2017, 08:42:05 »
im almost finished my SMF2MUSH class.


How SMF generates the hash:

$hash = sha1(strtolower($user) . $pw);
Im decrypting the mushraider pw like showed in the example:
$iv_size = mcrypt_get_iv_size(MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128, MCRYPT_MODE_ECB);
$iv = mcrypt_create_iv($iv_size, MCRYPT_RAND);
$pwd = mcrypt_decrypt(MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128, $salt, stripslashes($_POST['pwd']), MCRYPT_MODE_ECB, $iv);

Now the following happens,

Login: dev1
PW: dev1

What i expect:
sha1(strtolower("dev1") . "dev1");returns
Thats the correct one.

$pwd = mcrypt_decrypt(MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128, ....$pwd contains now "dev1" as string but if i do:

$hash = sha1(strtolower( $_POST["login"] ) . $pwd);
I got:
The $pwd var causes the error.

Any ideas ?


Found the solution, facepalm....

$hash = sha1(strtolower( $_POST["login"] ) . trim($pwd) );
fixed it.

Gonna publish the class on github when im home.

Cya Phil

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